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 TIPS For Farming in UENO :3

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TIPS For Farming in UENO :3 Empty
PostSubject: TIPS For Farming in UENO :3   TIPS For Farming in UENO :3 I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 09, 2010 12:59 pm

Hi^^,im going to tell you how to farm in ueno Very Happy ...once u get a mount,why dun u start farming at Ueno ..Smile it is more better than farming in nakano..u will get 300k per farm(for chaos alignment) :3.Also,when u r farming...plz put all ur stuff in ur depository :3.only bring mounting ring and traesto with u(set ur homepoint in souhonzan if u wanna farm a lot of time or if u want to come back to souhonzan fast).

TIPS For Farming in UENO :3 20100712
when u r mounting ur cerberus,make sure u come here.

TIPS For Farming in UENO :3 20100714
if u dun mount,tht demon shadow would kill YOU :3

TIPS For Farming in UENO :3 20100716
this is how in my inventory looks like after farming.only get wrinkled T-shirt:Shape Memory,Empty can:Red bean,Deteriorated tire:Natural,Ripped souvenir Jacket:Unisex.

TIPS For Farming in UENO :3 20100718
SEE! Very Happy 300K !!Very Happy

WELL!,Goodluck to you guys who farm in UENO^^..Bye! Very Happy
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TIPS For Farming in UENO :3
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