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 Magic Type Build

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PostSubject: Magic Type Build   Magic Type Build I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 20, 2010 7:58 am

DD/Shot Mage/Enhancer/CotW

Destruction Magic:Stop at Class 10
Rush:Stop at Class 1
Magic Control:Stop at Class 6
--Demolition Dash:Stop at Class 5 Rank 7
Support:Stop at Class 4
Curative:Stop at Class 2
Bless:Stop at Class 1
--Enhancement:Stop at Class 2 Rank 5
Curse Magic:Stop at Class 2
--Curse of the Wretched:Stop at Class 3 Rank 4

Total 26k Expertise, Level 90 required.

Main Stat: Intelligence
Secondary Stat: Magic for Damage
Ancillary Stats: Luck for Crit Avoidance
Vit (bad idea for this build) for slightly increased cooldowns
Str (also not reccommended) for DD damage .


Attack: Class 2
Weapon Knowledge: Class 8
Survival Techniques: Class 1
--Regal(Retaliation): Class 4
Destruction Magic: Class 1
Rush: Class 5
Magic Control: Class 7
--Demolition Dash: Class 4 Rank 6

Total 24k Expertise, Level 70 required

Chain Expertise

Demolition Dash - A Battle Expertise Skill for staging an assault while enveloped in destructive magical energy. Increases damage and reduces incantation time with leveling.

Requirements - Rush at Class 1-0, Destruction Magic at Class 1-0, Magic Control at Class 1-0.

How to level it: Gains expertise equal to 30% of your Destruction Magic level and gains expertise equal to 40% of your Magic Control level.

Disadvantages : If you rather put your skill points in other areas and don't use rush attacks.

Advantages : Attacks from this expertise are the strongest attacks in the game.

Curse of the Wretched - A Battle Expertise Skill for controlling curse magic over a wide area for indirect assistance in battle.

Requirements - Destruction Magic at Class 1-0, Curse Magic at Class 2-0, Magic Control at Class 1-0, Bless at Class 1-0.

How to level it: Gains expertise equal to 10% of your Destruction Magic level, 50% of your Curse Magic level, 20% of your Magic Control level, 20% of your Bless level.

- A Battle Expertise Skill for controlling recovery and support magic over a wide area to assist one's allies.

Requirements - Curative Magic at Class 2-0, Support Magic at Class 2-0, Bless at Class 1-0.

How to level it: Gains expertise equal to 30% of your Curative Magic level, 40% of your Support Magic level, 30% of your Bless level.
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Magic Type Build
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