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 Melee build

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Melee build Empty
PostSubject: Melee build   Melee build I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 20, 2010 7:28 am

Enhancer Melee

Very reliable build. Can easily solo, extremely effective in absolutely any situation. Its only downfall is to kill something, you have to get "in it's grill" so to speak.
Attack: Class 9
Weapon Knowledge: Class 9
Survival Techniques: Class 1
--Retaliation: Class 5 Rank 8
Support Magic: Class 4
Curative Magic: Class 2
Bless: Class 1
--Enhancement: Class 2 Rank 5

Total 26k Expertise, level 90 required (take expertise from Attack or Weapon Knowledge to get this build beforehand)

Enhancer Melee CotW Mage

Attack: Class 2
Weapon Knowledge: Class 8
Survival Techniques: Class 1
--Retaliation: Class 4
Support Magic: Class 4
Curative Magic: Class 2
Bless: Class 1
--Enhancement: Class 2 Rank 5
Curse Magic: Class 5
Destruction Magic: Class 1
Magic Control: Class 1
--Curse of the Wretched: Class 3

Total 25k Expertise, Level 80 required.

Note: You can have a higher attack Skill, but note that you will lose Class 4 (LoA) Retaliation.

Melees are extremely powerful mainly for their ability to change affinites on the fly (as long as they have the gear). Including the not-yet Anti-able Expel and Death affinities, using these they can become extreme intruments of, well death (or expel?)

Main Stat: Intelligence
Secondary Stat: Strength
Ancillary Stats: Vit for added defense, Luck for Crit defense/dealing
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Melee build
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